The ins and outs of North Face in Berkeley

The name “The North Face ®” comes from the mountain’s coldest, hardest North Slope. We help explorers climb the highest mountain in the Himalayas successfully. However, it is amazing that The North Face ® brand story has originated from a beach. More precisely, San Francisco, is derived from an altitude of only 150 feet of North Beach area . In 1966, two avid hikers with enthusiasm, created a small mountaineering retail store.
After a short time, the shop was named as The North Face ®, which was a highly-performance climbing and backpack equipment retailer. However, in the year of 1968 , The North Face ® moved to the other side of San Francisco Bay – with unlimited potential for development in Berkeley area , and then it began designing and manufacturing its own brand of professional mountaineering and equipment.
In 1970s , The North Face ® brand has attracted many outdoor sports enthusiasts’ eyes, and began sponsoring the world’s most remote and marginalized areas’ adventure almost never been carried out before. This is our tradition to start. Today, we still continue this tradition, and constantly promote the idea of The North Face ® – Never Stop Exploring ™.
After that, in the early 1980s , The North Face ® began to try to headto the limits of skiing and increased the limit skiwear in the product line. It was pastel , neon signs, hair and Mohawk era ; which were essential for today’s skier unrestrained foundation. By the late 1980s , The North Face ® has become the only company that produced products including high-performance jackets, ski clothing , sleeping bags , backpacks and tents and a series of outdoor products supplier. (more…)

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The North Face—-never stops exploring so be classical

north face in berkeley

The North Face has also been translated to the North, can be understood as the mountain slopes to the North, The North Face of this name came to be, in the northern hemisphere, is the cold, snow and ice cover in the north slope of the hills the deepest, the most difficult climb on one side of allusion real mountaineering enthusiasts, forever fearless, on difficulties. In 1966, two avid hikers in the United States founded a small mountaineering retail store in San Francisco, and soon grew, became a professional mountaineering and trekking equipment must be sold companies. (more…)

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